Christian Engblom hails from the Nordic country of Finland. He wasted the first three and a half years of his life. But then he was introduced to the Art of Magic. A lifelong passion became his fulltime job (also his only job to date), in 1992.

Incidentally, the same year he first saw Juan Tamariz perform… Christian started to give lectures and workshops in 2001, and has received recognition for several of his discoveries, like the legendary move which separates cards, one-by-one, The Anti-Faro. And in 2012, the release of his underground deck switching gimmick, The Cooler. Christian continuously studies the Art of Magic and travels around the world, for his chosen profession.

He has most notably been influenced by the “Spanish School” of magic. His past teachers have been, in chronological order, Reijo Salminen (Finland) and Tommy Wonder (The Netherlands). And these days he is proud to include Juan Tamariz (Spain) as his Maestro. Furthermore, over the years, a legion of others have influenced him as well. Not in the least, his co-members in the group, Fat Brothers. Dani DaOrtiz and Miguel Angel Gea have had a profound effect on Christian’s magic, and performing style. He himself, describes himself as a Finn having an Andalusian soul.

In this workshop, Christian reveals personal philosophies, original techniques and effects, in Card magic, and other Close-Up, non-card material. He also loves to discuss details, and that’s where Divinity can be found. Christian’s workshop covers not only the “How’s”, but also, the even more important “Why’s”.

He will also explain his newest release, which is what he used to baffle Penn & Teller on Fool Us. Besides performing fulltime, he has also acted as a magical consultant for David Blaine’s latest TV specials. “

Christian’s Workshop is Friday night after the events and is priced at $100. 

You will pay Christian at the door!


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