Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson creates some of the most interesting visual close-up magic that we have ever seen. In his hands, coins appear in three separate locations at once and cards dematerialise in ways that we never thought were possible. His magic is the rare complete combination: deceptive, entertaining, and visual. <p> <p> In his introduction, Steve Beam called him "one of his favorite magicians" — and we understand why. Andi Gladwin and John Campbell worked together to describe 46 of Scott's finest card and coin magic. Many of these pieces have been in Scott's repertoire for over twenty years and several have become instant modern classics (such as "Riding the Wave," Scott's impromptu Invisible Deck routine that many other versions are based on). They are lavishly illustrated with full-color photographs, and described in just the right amount of detail to allow you to learn each trick with props in hand