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The Kellar

Handcrafted by Josh Arroyo




One of my favorite pieces of magical art was produced by the The Strobridge Lithograph Company entitled, “A Walk in the Woods”. It depicts famed magician, Harry Kellar walking in the woods surrounded by devilish imps. He stands at the center, the epitome of elegance and class. It was based on this image that I conceived of the name for this offering.

The Kellar fits standard deck of cards (with or without a clip), some extra gaffs. It also holds a Moleskin XS Volant Notebook and a small pen. The dimensions are roughly 3.75” W x 4.75” L x 1.25” H.

Each one is hand cut, hand stitched and hand finished using traditional leather craft techniques that modern production methods can not duplicate. I stand by it 100%. If the stitching ever comes undone, or any part of the it wears through (which would be impressive) send it back to me and I will repair or replace it. Of course, it’s leather, so proper maintenance is essential.


Here are what some have said:

“Josh makes great stuff. It’s stunning stuff and insanely well-made.” – Kent Gunn

“This is way sexy, even if I wouldn’t know what to put in the card side. I mean, a deck of cards? Really? Who does that? Josh’s work is always infused with love. Now you can finally buy Josh’s love. And when it arrives, you’ve also bought happiness.” – Curtis Kam

The Keller is pure class from a skilled craftsman. -Ryan Schlutz

“I simply love The Kellar. I was super impressed with the quality and workmanship. It’s top notch and you’ll be hard pressed to find a similar item with the craftsmanship and attention to detail. I love it!” – Jeff Eline

Purposefully designed with painstaking attention to detail. It couldn’t be better! – Scott Robinson

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